Wednesday, 17 March 2010

4 (Four) Runs, 15.2miles

St Patrick's Day and it's all gone a bit mad.

Had to get the car serviced in St Albans. So run 1 was the 4.6miles back from the garage. Easy peasy apart from the return of the dreaded stomach cramps. Not a very comfortable last mile from the common. Enough said, average pace 8.27.

As I was aorking at home and Susan had a friend round for lunch I was encouraged to make myself scarce. So run 2 was 4.8miles, down through the park and back on the Nickey Line. Average pace 8.42 and guess what the dreaded stomach is at it again.

Run 3 was back over to St Albans to pick up the car. I went along the golf course instead of straight along the road which made it 4.7miles. Average pace 8.51.

Run 4 was just a warm down to help ease the legs into a stretch session. So after the drive home it was a slow mile round the block. Total for the day 15.21.

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